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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A day at a short film shoot.

I have worked on sets as an extra and have shot little super short silly commercials but never have I ever done a short film and it was a great experience. Tedious, but tons of fun.

I am currently working with Cloudy Sky Films on the production of SNOW. An amazing story about a rock-star going through drug abuse, his love, and his career. 

I play several characters in this short film and today I played a keyboardist in a concert.


Tracy, the lady on the left wrote the song that we sang. I was part of the song-arrangement team along with Saba. We spent 2 hours working on harmonies with 15 other singer/actors and finally took 3 hours to shoot the 3 minute scene.

This is only a small part of the equipment.

Saba and I foolin' around while waiting for full set up after the choir left.
Wearing the most comfortable socks. Beauty of film: Cheat. No one can see my feet because it was not a part of the frame :)
Can you imagine wearing 5 inch heels for 9 hours of shooting time and finding out that they did not have a single shot of your pretty but painful feet?!

Sunglasses as part of my disguise for a different character. 

During the shoot.
By this time, we probably sang the song 26853 times.....

Little black dress with socks. Classy. I should probably go clubbin' with this look. lol.

It was an extremely fulfilling day. I would definitely love working on more projects like these. Can't wait to see the end product!!!! 

Speaking of the love for arts, for those who would love to do a good deed and support the arts, here is a way you can help raise funds for us to make more awesome productions. You have the option of donating as little as a dollar or as much as you like!

Saba from Cloudy Sky Films is truly an amazing person to work with. He has so much positive energy. Always loving, always encouraging, and pushing us to do the things he believed we could do better in. If you happen to donate, God bless your heart because you are donating to the right foundation. If you don't help spread the word of the fund raiser! We have 9 more days to reach $5000!!!!!

Every dollar counts.

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