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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week One

Hi all,

Hope all is well. I am myself :)
I have been in Lancaster for rehearsals for about 5 days now and obviously, I am loving it. I've been extremely good to myself. Eating healthy, exercising, sleeping 8 hours a day... Oh what a life! We finished blocking the entire show and have ran through both Act One and Two. I am pretty surprised. It is only day 5 after all. 

I love my cast. everyone is extremely talented, professional, and supportive of each other. I cried a couple times during the run through. Our leads are extremely good. can't wait to put everything together!!!

Here's my typical lunch.
Fruit and veggie smoothie. I usually just get a bunch of stuff that I can find and stuff em in the food processor. This week my ingredients are pineapple, kiwi, tomato, carrots, lemon, beet root, flax and sesame seeds, arugula, spinach, wildflower honey, sea salt and yogurt.

Phew... that was a mouthful.

I love that the party apartment is right above mine ;)

The theatre. It is beautiful inside. I left my phone in my bag when they were giving us a tour of the theatre. It is gorgeous inside. Just so you know, Lancaster is one of the oldest inland city of America. Settled in 1718. Hence, we do hear a lot of ghost stories from people who have worked and lived here. 

I am very happy that they have a farmer's market 2 minutes away from the theatre. Cheap and fresh produce, jams, breads, cheeses, and Amish dolls. Yes, Lancaster also has a huge Amish community.

Definitely stocking up on some of these before getting back to the city ;)

Till then,
I am off to a Sunday Funday party by my lovely neighbors upstairs. Monday Off-day!


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