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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer time, and the living is easy

We had a matinee show yesterday and went to the director's house for a potluck picnic and to watch the Tony awards. Nothing better than the best company, and food, food, food! I am amazed that our cast can really cook. We had so much food.

I swore I consumed about 3783 calories yesterday. Yup, I was NOT proud. At all.

Beer, wine, vodka, champagne... I was surprised that I was not drunk at the end of the night. 

My favorite ladies :)

Brian and Marc

Marc our director, Rommel an amazing person with a great heart aka. dance captain, Patrick who sounds better than Michael Buble.

My favorite boys.

Daniella and I. She is Gigi and I am her understudy.

Getting the party started with Champagne!!

Manna our beloved Kim!

Watching the Tony Awards

We filled out ballots for the Tony's and marked them at the end of the night.

A pleasant end to a spectacular first week run!
And we are back today with 8 shows a week. 
Most of the lead are sick and are on antibiotics but are still rockin' the stage. Troopers. 

Goodnight, love and light.

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