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Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh hey I've been lazy!

Apologies for the abandoned blog. I've been a tad bit busy... doing.. nothing really. Just enjoying my time back in NYC.

Auditions are slow because a lot of people are away doing regional theatre and the auditioning season doesn't start till later. My catering job is even worse because most of the companies and the rich folk that we cater to are away enjoying their summer vacation. I've just been home practicing singing a lot (which is good). I don't really have the chance to do that when I am busy. Oh, and the Brazilian Butt Lift! A new workout routine that I started with my roommate in Lancaster during Miss Saigon. I must say, it is a great alternative not having a gym. I always end up looking like I got caught in a thunderstorm after my workout because I would be drenched in sweat.


Been truly blessed to be able to spend my birthday with my framily for the first time since I was always away during my birthday. The sisters manage to plan the most amazing surprise party at Central Park.

Lynn made me a Mille Crepe birthday cake!

Yes. Pinot Grigio while talking to Mom.

Hah, I don't even wanna imagine how much work she put in it.
As you can tell, it tasted AWESOME.

Sammy drove us out to Coney Island for a day out at the beach.
Nathan's hot dogs... to die for!!


We'll be getting on the rides the next time we go again.


I love the bold colors on the buildings. 

Gah.. Creepy clown face.

Cheryl surprised me with a tiramisu cake after dinner with Sam.

I always love chill nights :)

With ma home boys Sam and Zack.

I had a really memorable birthday. Thank you all for making it so wonderful. I have more pictures to update you guys with. Stay tuned!

Happy Friday!


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