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Friday, August 10, 2012

Birthday at Central Park's Sheeps Meadow

This is as best as a group picture could get on that day. Everyone was running in and out, people dropped by, said hi and left. I didn't manage to get a picture with every single person who came . 

The sisters.
The Masterminds.
My loves!

Hah. I look so silly in this picture. 
Sam had to convince me that we were going to see a skate show in Central Park. 
I was like.... "Skate show?!" 
I never knew he was interested in any skating at all.

Surprise face!

Ah!! such a good picture :)
Too bad Lynn was the photographer of the day and I couldn't find any picture of the 2 of us! :(

Lynn even gave me a handmade crown! Princess of the day. Yay!

Ma gurrrs.

Em Boizz...

I thought you might get a kick outta this. I still do. Can't wait to watch this again in 20 years :)

Thank you all for making it happen. I was a wonderful day. I LOVE YA'LL!

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