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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Secondhand White Baby Grand (Cover)

Finally! I've been planning on doing a cover of this song a couple months ago. Better late than never I guess ;)

On the other hand, it's been a birthday celebration month! I've attended 3 birthday parties just this last week and this weekend is dedicated to my other sister/roomie. Hurricane Irene interrupted C's birthday weekend celebration last year. I ended up staying at Sam's parents' place out of the city just incase the hurricane got us. I was doing my 5k run today at the gym and spent the entire 30 mins watching the weather channel talk about the possibilities of hurricanes striking.
Better rest up well before we tear up the weekend. Hopefully no hurricanes this time.

New found lounge over looking the city. Breathless view. 
The Press Lounge, you'll be seeing more of us :)

A day out with the girls at Central Park.

Bethesda Fountain. Oh so romantic.

Carousel at Central Park!
Summer Bucket list. One item down. Ninety nine more to go. LOL.

Yasir's surprise birthday dinner with the Framily :)

Went dancing with the girls at D's birthday before heading to Party #3

ET's Bday meet- more like a Singaporean and Malaysian meet up.
I've never seen so many Singaporeans and Malaysians in one spot. So unexpected! 
It was a wonderful weekend.

Summer is coming to an end. Time flies when times are good. 

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