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Friday, September 21, 2012

Oshedancer Cultural Troupe

Hello dear readers,
Thank God It's Friday!
My week have been insane and busy. Work picked up and I have been doing nothing but running around the city catering to extremely fortunate, beautiful, and rich folks. Oh what a life (for them I mean). I am finally able to relax and sleep in today. Unfortunately, I had to wake up early to check on my iPhone 5 order with AT&T that I spent 4 hours ordering through the phone last Friday, only to find out that once again the process has been interrupted with SHITTY UNPROFESSIONAL customer service. sigh. Looks like I will not be getting my iPhone 5 anytime soon. Poop.

Anyway, here are some pictures from last week's dance performance for the Malaysian Association of America and Tourism Malaysia!

Masri. An Arabic influenced dance. One of my favorites.
Nadia on the right, which is also the assistant to the choreographer. 

The Oshedancer crew in our opening costumes.
The ladies at the back danced a traditional Malay Overture and we followed the performance by performing the Inang Renek- a modern twist of a traditional dance performed in the 15th century for Sultans.

Malaysia Truly Asia costumes.

The Malay, Sabah, Chinese, Indian, and Sarawak represents!


Photo taken with the Malaysian Ambassador at Tourism Malaysia.

I wish I had more photos to upload, but this is all for now. Videos soon! :)


Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh Tranny!

We had a cultural performance at the Consulate of Malaysian for the Diplomats, members of the United Nations, and a bunch of other really important people which I know not of. I was curious as of what kind of eye-shadow colors we would be using for the performance since our costumes are extremely colorful...

Esther: Purple, Brown, and Black on the top. Black and Green at the bottom.

Lynn and Me: *jaws dropped*

Me: Oh my god, I think we are in the running of Who's the Biggest Tranny/Drag Queen.

It didn't turn out that bad after all. Then again, I cheated. I color less, no brown involved :)

Will post more about the performance soon.
One more performance on Saturday!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Foodie Weekend

I came across this picture a couple weeks ago at a friend's Facebook picture album. Puts a smile on my face. Oh those good college days. This was taken on an event organized by the Malaysian Student Association in conjunction on Hari Raya (Malay New Year) and Merdeka (Independence day) about 4 years ago?

Time flies.

Present day.
Same event- Hari Raya Adilfitri and Malaysia day.
The Malaysian Consulate invited all Malaysians for an open house. It was hot and humid, awesome food. It was as if they were trying to recreate a typical muggy day back home. There were people from DC and Philly that came all the way to visit, mingle, and eat. Oh, true Malaysians :)
Can't separate us from food!

Kebaya Girls.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Mine was food-filled with amazing company. 

Happy Monday Cheerios!
Back to the grind baby.