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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A cover from one of my favorite artists

Try from P!nk's 'Truth About Love' album with Sue-Lynn

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

... I guess I'm back?

Well well well... I can't believe the last time I posted something was literally six months ago. Yikes!
Honestly, I have thought about forsaking my blog over the past few months and discontinuing my posts just because I feel that my life is not that exciting and sometimes I feel like I wanna blog about something cool, and I just don't know how to pen it down on paper... or more like type it out.

Then, I realize that it would be such a waste for me to just completely cut blogging out of my life just because I have had this blog since I was 14! TEN FRICKIN' YEARS YO!! Oh boy, now that I've said that, please don't scroll to my 2002 posts and read about stupid lame entries like... 'This is what I ate today' in multicolored fonts and sizes. Please don't. It would be... embarrassing.
*Well, now that I've said it... I betcha gonna do the opposite right?* Meh.

Anyways, the past 6 months have treated me nice and kind. Nothing incredible happened, nothing really tragic happened either. We survived Hurricane Sandy. No one got assaulted when our apartment got broke into and all the laptops in the house got stolen- Yes, I am blogging on my old year 2005 Dell Inspiron that is about to physically break into pieces anytime.


So, what should I blog about today?
Since I have missed 6 months of blogging, I'll do a photo recap. Shall we?

October 2012

Antellmo and I took had a Photoshoot play date.

I actually got to celebrate Halloween in NYC this year. As you can see, I was a French Maid because I was too cheap to buy a costumes. What can I say, I am a poor struggling actor.

November 2012

I shot an ad for www.thevanityboxhair.com
I had clip on Malaysian hair (yes, Malaysian hair. Apparently it is a demand in the hair weave culture) down to my butt and I got too look like Asian Kim Kadarshian for one night.

Thanksgiving Fat Fest came and went. I love that everything was homemade. Check out the variety of desserts! I made a Chocolate cake with Toasted Coconut and Salted Caramel Swiss Buttercream, Tiramisu, and Balsamic Strawberry Salad.

Went for a hike in the cold. Nothing better than Post Prandial Constitution, which is just a fancier way of saying after meal walk.
*To think that people back in the day use to use words like that all the time. Our vocabulary evolved so much that they might think that we're dumb.*

December 2012

We finally met our 'First cousin once removed' aka. cousin's baby in Maryland. So precious!

Organized our Annual Framily Christmas Party

Of course, there can't be any party without Sue-Yenn's cupcakes!
I made a classic Chocolate Cupcake with Peppermint Buttercream.

Nothing says holiday better but my signature holiday appetizer dish. 
Puff Pastry Stuffed with Brie and Apricot.

Christmas with the Walkers.

January 2013

I celebrated the New Year at work, which was not bad at all. I got paid double, drink champagne, and watch the ball drop in Times Square. Great times.

I performed with the Oshedancer Cultural Dance Troupe at the New York Times Travel Show at Javit Convention Center.

February 2012

We finished filming a feature film with Cloudy Sky Films.
I acted as a TV host, wrote and conducted a song with a choir, and had many small disguised parts in the film. Can't wait to see it!

We can't forget my dear sister's Surprise Birthday Party.
I baked a Nutella Rum filled Vanilla Cupcake with Almond Marshmallow frosting. 

We had the Framily over our small humble abode for a Chinese New Year Hot Pot dinner.
Yes, our apartment is so small that at least half of us sat on the ground. Japanese style.

Like Sandy, Nemo came and went. 

We put on a little show at Heather's 70th Birthday Party

At the Walker's Whimsey.

Another walk around the countryside.

The Oshedancer Cultural Troupe performed at the Malaysian Winter Kitchen at Bryant Park. We performed 7 different pieces ranging from Chinese- Indian- Traditional Malay- Joget- Sarawakian and etc.
It was so nice seeing that we had a huge supportive group of friends that would stop by and visit every time we had a show. #soblessed

So that's my last six months for you! Can't believe that we are already approaching March. Time sure flies. 

Stay tuned for videos!

*raises a glass of Mark West's Pinot Noir*
To more blog posts.