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The Author

Hi there! I am Sue-Yenn Ng. I started blogging since I was fifteen years old, and the reason why I started blogging back then was because everyone I knew had a blog. Looking back at my old posts brings me joy because I've realized how different of a person I was back then. How circumstances and the environment has shaped me to be who I am today. Little did I know, blogging became a huge part of me, in a sense that I use this space as an outlet, to let myself go and talk about everything under the sun and how I feel about certain things in life. Anyways, here's a little sumthin-sumthin' about me.

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Fifteen Random Facts

1. I graduated from Western Michigan University's Theatre Department with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Music Theatre Performance. 

2. Besides my supportive family of four (plus me) who are all separated in three different parts of the globe (sadly), my framily *friends whom I call family* are incredibly important to me.

3. I love food. Hence, I will never ever be the typical skinny Asian girl. Boo.

4.Although I am a Music Theatre Performance major, I have never ever been in a musical until I transferred to WMU in September 2007. Weird huh. Don't know why I chose this path back then, either or, I am not regretting it.

5. I think you probably would have guessed that I love stars. I find them inspirational. Mainly because I grew up with my mum telling me that people are like stars in the sky, difference is that there are stars that shine, and some that don't. Be the shining star in the sky. That's my goal in life.

6. If I had not taken Music Theatre Performance, I would have resorted in Economics, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, or Public Relations.

7. As far fetched as it may sound, my dream is to perform on an International Broadway Tour of any show, stop by Malaysia, and get a Dato'ship from a Sultan for doing the country proud. Hey, dreams are free right?

8. The closest person in the world to be is my best friend, confidante, and sister. Sue-Lynn Ng. It kinda sucks to know that she would always predict my 'moves' even before I would realize it. She is the anchor in my life.

9. If I had money, I would invest in a row of houses in front of a prestigious University and rent it to students. That way, I'd have a steady monthly income because education lasts forever. On the other hand, me being a sneaker head and shoe freak, I will build my own shoe closet.

11. I am extremely indecisive when it comes to making choices like going where to eat, ordering what different dishes in a restaurant, and picking which ice-cream flavor at an ice-cream stand. I think one of the reasons being so is because I am not picky especially when it comes to food. I eat everything, anything. So if you were to bring me out one day, please surprise me! :)

12. Owh, did I mention that one of my favorite past times are reading menus. I know, that's random.

13. Being in the United States is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It changed my perception on so many things in life. Not that I don't like Malaysia, trust me, I am patriotic. I just think that little things like holding the door for someone, and not being judgmental makes me a happier person. 

14. I would describe myself as an extremely shy person when it comes to meeting new people. On the other hand, I get pretty silly, and probably a little 'in your face' towards close friends. I say whatever I think.

15. One of the many weaknesses that I have is that, whenever I have my 'self defense' wall up, I'd say random things to lighten up situations. Which is not always the best idea, just because people think I am stupid. Trust me, someone once told me that I have a brain of a five year old. Then again, she is a pretty obnoxious herself :)


Till I add on to this list :)